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Functional Testing

We perform Functional Testing to determine how your website, your hardware and software and internal applications complete their expected functions. The testing process involves testing user commands, searches, user screens, business processes, data manipulation and integrations. Functional Testing is of utmost importance in ensuring quality of software being released. We can verify and application’s or a website’s expected functional performance and how it conforms to specifications by validating it with Functional Testing. From start to finish, unit testing to system integration, we successfully ensure comprehensive quality control in each phase of your product’s development and implementation

Data Entry

Our specialized team of data entry empowers you to make informed decisions , increase operational efficiency and above all save data entry budgets. Valiant Consultancy is a data entry domain specialist with expertise to provide best-in-class data management services. A specialized data entry company to help you with data entry, scanning, processing, indexing, archiving, etc., and prepare your data to serve you whenever and wherever you need it. We offer customizable solutions that can be integrated with your hardware and software, and specialized technologies to make your data easier to access. We also have the one of the strictest quality checks in the industry to keep your information absolutely free from errors